• The death rate from lung cancer among young women will outstrip that of men for the first time this year [...] Carlo La Vecchia, professor at the University of Milan, who led the research, said: “The difference is not significant, but it reflects the similar smoking patterns in younger generations over recent decades and confirms that smoking is as harmful to women as it is to men.”
    2017-02-22 | thetimes.co.uk

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  • When Derek Yach decided to leave the World Health Organization for PepsiCo in 2007, he caused a huge stir. How could one of the most-respected health academics jump ship to the “enemy” — Big Soda? Health campaigners and scientists were often seen as the heroes researching ways to treat and contain obesity, which was reaching epidemic levels in developed countries and growing fast in emerging markets.
    2017-02-22 | ft.com

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  • ucing nostalgia to people who smoke may help in creating a scenario that displays negative attitudes towards smoking, allowing them to increase their drives in quitting. This latest research in finding an approach that will help in suppressing the need to smoke was found to be effective compared to smokers who did not experience negative memory on smoking.
    2017-02-22 | counselheal.com

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  • The Punjab Government has prohibited the manufacture, storage, sale or distribution of gutkha, pan masala, processed/flavoured/scented chewing tobacco and any other food products containing tobacco or nicotine as ingredients, whether packaged or unpackaged or sold as one or separate products, throughout the state for a period of one year.
    2017-02-22 | tribuneindia.com

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  • There are many good reasons to have regulations. They create the standards and rules that govern a marketplace, give consumers confidence, keep rogue traders at bay and make sure things that should fit together — like plugs and sockets — do just that. Regulation prevents a “race to the bottom” in environmental or labour standards and can make sure one person’s incompetence does not harm another.
    2017-02-22 | ft.com

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  • In the U.S. more than 16 million people with smoking-related illnesses continue to use cigarettes. According to a new study [...] current and former smokers who suffer from disease are more likely to have reported using an e-cigarette, meaning these patients may see e-cigarettes as safer or less harmful than combustible cigarettes and a way to reduce the risks posed by traditional smoking.
    2017-02-22 | news-medical.net

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  • The regulation of tobacco and nicotine products has become less straightforward. Historically, high taxation and restrictions were aimed at achieving total nicotine abstinence. But product innovation now means that there are increasing numbers of products that allow users to satisfy their need for nicotine at a fraction of the risk.
    2017-02-22 | ft.com

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  • Coupons and other discounts for tobacco products would be banned under a proposal from a pair of state lawmakers from the Lower Hudson Valley. The bill, which was re-introduced in the state Senate last week, would prohibit retailers from accepting any coupons or offering discounts on cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes or most other types of tobacco.
    2017-02-21 | democratandchronicle.com

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