• A bill to set up a tobacco authority of Thailand, approved by the cabinet on Dec 13 last year, contains loopholes that could be exploited by transnational tobacco firms aiming to make products in Thailand through their Thani nominees, according to anti-smoking activists. The bill has touted the benefits of turning the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly from a state enterprise [...]
    2017-03-29 | bangkokpost.com

    • Industry
    • Tobacco
  • Canadians should be able to smoke marijuana legally by July 1, 2018, a government source has confirmed. The federal government intends to introduce legislation by April 20 to legalize pot, [...] The Liberals promised during the election to legalize marijuana. The planned legislation follows a detailed report prepared by a task force led by former justice minister Anne McLellan.
    2017-03-29 | ctvnews.ca

    • Canada
    • Marijuana
  • Doctors, vapor shop owners and parents gathered at the Capitol on Tuesday to testify on a bill that would raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. "This is a step in the right direction," said Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond, a doctor who is championing the effort in House. Along with preventive education, Zerwas argued that a smoking age of 21 could put a dent in teenage tobacco use. [...]
    2017-03-29 | dallasnews.com

    • E Cigarettes
    • Smoking Age
  • British American Tobacco Plc’s $49.4 billion deal to take full control of Reynolds American Inc. is set to create a giant rivaling Philip Morris International Inc., leaving Japan Tobacco Inc. a distant third among the major global cigarette makers. The Tokyo-based company’s domestic market is shrinking as hundreds of thousands of smokers switch to Philip Morris’s cigarette alternative iQOS. [...]
    2017-03-29 | bloomberg.com

    • Cigarettes
    • Industry
  • The Government is planning to change the law regulating e-cigarettes. These changes need to go through Parliament before they can take effect. This will likely happen from the middle of 2018 at the earliest. The proposed changes are to: legalise the sale and supply of nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquid as consumer products regulate nicotine and non-nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquid [...]
    2017-03-29 | health.govt.nz

    • Australia
    • E Cigarettes
  • The sale of nicotine e-cigarettes will be legalised in New Zealand, the Government has confirmed. Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner said the change came despite the fact scientific evidence of the safety of e-cigarettes was still developing. "There's a general consensus that vaping is much less harmful than smoking," Wagner said.
    2017-03-29 | nzherald.co.nz

    • Australia
    • E Cigarettes
  • Nearly 6.5 million young people – about one in four middle- and high-school students in the United states – report being exposed to secondhand aerosol or “vape” from e-cigarettes in the past month, according to a new report [....] The U.S. Surgeon General has concluded that this secondhand vape is harmful, and Dona Wininsky [...] said this shows that the state’s clean indoor air law is being eroded.
    2017-03-28 | theuptake.org

    • Smoking
    • Study
    • Vaping
  • [...] the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids insinuated that the tobacco companies are producing gummy worm electronic cigarettes. The title of the email is "Gummy worms," and the headline of the action alert states that "tobacco companies" are "luring kids with candy-flavored e-cigarettes and cigars." As I've noted previously, this is simply not true. None of the tobacco companies is producing gummy worm-flavored electronic cigarettes.
    2017-03-28 | tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com

    • E Cigarettes
    • Youth
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