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• GUEST BLOG • Lou Ritter | 31 October 2014  Read more

Launch of the E-Research Foundation
The E-Research Foundation (ERF) is a non-profit foundation designed to be a collective funding portal. As such, ERF will provide financial assistance to researchers seeking to advance independent peer-reviewed and published scientific research focused on electronic vapor products (electronic cigarettes) and their use.

NSP | 10 October 2014  Read more

Guide to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control meeting (Moscow, 13-18 October 2014)
This meeting is the Sixth Conference of the Parties (COP-6) to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). This convention is WHO’s primary instrument for addressing the health impact of tobacco use internationally. This briefing provides information on discussions about electronic cigarettes and background documentation.

Clive Bates | 14 September 2014  Read more

WHO position on ENDS - a critique of the use of science and communication of risk
A new paper is published today: WHO position on ENDS: a critique of the use of science and communication of risk (PDF) written and researched by Clive Bates at Counterfactual.
We have grown accustomed to WHO and the FCTC Secretariat taking a negative approach to tobacco harm reduction - seeing only risks and threats, and little of the real world potential, while covertly planning an offensive against e-cigarettes through the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Neil McKeganey | 28 August 2014  Read more

Scary Monsters. Have health professionals started a new moral panic over e-cigarettes?
There are few things more powerful than the narrative of fear. The concern that something may be harming us in ways that we might have been unaware, and that action should be taken to limit its occurrence, is a foundational tablet of interventionist public policy. The narrative of fear can be equally strong when it comes to new items that emerge in our social world and about which we know relatively little.

  • More than 120 cases of children ingesting liquid nicotine have been reported in Washington. On Thursday, the Senate Health Care Committee met for a work session to discuss a solution to the growing problem. According to Dr. Alexander Garrard from the Washington State Poison Center, less than a mouthful of liquid nicotine can poison a child, causing nausea, vomiting and an increased heart rate in small children. 
    2014-11-24 | crosscut.com

    • Nicotine
  • Initiative Measure #71 was approved by over 69 percent of D.C. voters in Nov. 4th’s midterm elections. Supporters of the initiative and the campaign for its approval, the D.C. Cannabis Campaign (DCMJ 2014), whose chairman is Eidinger, called the measure the “Legalization of Home Cultivation and Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Act.” [...]
    2014-11-24 | medicaldaily.com

    • Marijuana
    • USA
  • The Ontario government will move to restrict the use of electronic cigarettes, including banning their sale to minors, a Hamilton TV station reported Sunday. Cigarette smoking is currently banned in enclosed public places and all enclosed workplaces — restrictions that will be expanded Jan. 1 to include all restaurant and bar patios as well as at playgrounds and publicly owned sports fields.
    2014-11-24 | cbc.ca

    • Ban
    • E Cigarettes
  • Smoking will not only damage your health but also your computer as e-cigarettes manufactured in China are reportedly being used to spread malicious software through the USB connection used to charge the device. "The executive's system was patched up to date, had antivirus and anti-malware protection," Reddit user Jrockilla said. "Web logs were scoured and all attempts made to identify the source of the infection but to no avail.
    2014-11-24 | ibtimes.co.uk

    • China
    • E Cigarettes
  • Health experts demanding a ban on chewing tobacco have condemned the recent move by the Karnataka cabinet to defer the decision on the issue on the pretext that the Supreme Court hearing is scheduled to be in the first week of December. The experts, [...] told presspersons here on Saturday that it was not proper on part of the government to use the pretext of Supreme Court for deferring the ban.
    2014-11-24 | thehindu.com

    • India
    • Tobacco
  • Tobacco companies have long been known for offering rich dividends. Altria (MO) is one such company. It is a dividend aristocrat. Despite hailing from an unhealthy industry, this company has a huge customer base. This company is known for becoming investors’ staple. It has a leading position in the U.S. tobacco space. It competes with premium brands and boasts of higher margins than most of them.
    2014-11-24 | gurufocus.com

    • Industry
    • Smoking
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