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Christopher Russell | 4 October 2015  Read more

Restricting the Advertising of Electronic Cigarettes Would be an Major Own Goal for Public Health
The finding of a recent survey commissioned by the UK charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) [1] that the proportion of 11-18 year olds in the UK who have tried using an electronic cigarette at least once rose from 5% in 2013 to 13% in 2015 will almost certainly lead to calls for greater restrictions to be placed on the ability of manufacturers and vendors to advertise nicotine vapour products. Perhaps there will even be calls, in time, for nicotine vapour products to be sold only in plain packaging [...]

Neil McKeganey | 9 September 2015  Read more

Tobacco Control Research: A Tale of Two Delphi Groups
Tobacco control researchers are nothing if not inconsistent. Take, for example, the recent case of Professor David Nutt who convened a group of experts to assess the relative harm of different nicotine delivery products (Nutt et al 2015). The paper Nutt and colleagues published on the basis of their assessment formed part of Public Health England’s recent conclusion that electronic cigarettes were 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco.


Ian Dunt | 26 August 2015  Read more

Anti-vaping campaigners are a threat to public health
If Public Health England's report on vaping shows anything, it's that those who oppose it are a threat to public health. The report found that "e-cigarette use is around 95% less harmful to health than smoking". They pose "no risk of nicotine poisoning to user". Most of the chemicals causing smoking-related disease are absent and "the chemicals present pose limited danger".

Scott Balin | 3 June 2015  Read more

Reliving History: How the Tobacco Wars Became the Vapor Wars
Many in the e-vaping space may be wondering why they being viewed and treated like 'Big Tobacco' and why many in the tobacco control community find it so convenient to question their products and their motivations at every turn, painting them all with the same broad brush strokes. There are many reasons - some of which may be valid and many others which are not. What follows is a brief historical perspective of the ‘tobacco wars’ and provides some insights as to why many are still fighting those wars even though these are very different times.

  • "Tobacco is a product that does a lot of damage. Marijuana is infinitely worse and it's something that we do not want to encourage." -- Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. "There's just overwhelming and growing scientific and medical evidence about the bad, long-term effects of marijuana. We've spent a couple of generations trying to reduce the usage of tobacco in Canada with a lot of success," Harper said.
    2015-10-06 | ctvnews.ca

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  • The 85 per cent of Victoria’s prison inmates who smoke was antsy when authorities took away their cigarettes and replaced them with nicotine patches in June. We know they were unhappy because officers in riot kit moved in to subdue them on the eve of the ban. Victorian Corrections got a $25 million damage bill when inmates at the Metropolitan Remand Centre rioted.
    2015-10-06 | heraldsun.com.au

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  • I have been following the reports on e-cigarettes and vaping in the media and wish to raise several important points. Firstly, according to authoritative reports on e-cigarettes, its safety and efficacy in cessation have not been established. The official report by the World Health Organisation clearly states e-cigarettes are not free from toxicants and they have been approved as “safe” for use.
    2015-10-06 | themalaymailonline.com

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  • For decades, tobacco companies have relied almost entirely on cigarette sales for their massive revenues, [...] However, as health concerns about tobacco have increased around the world, Philip Morris and its competitors have all looked toward alternatives to conventional cigarettes as a potential next step in the evolution of smoking.
    2015-10-06 | fool.com

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  • A study of expatriate schoolchildren in Abu Dhabi revealed 62 per cent had tried smoking tobacco. The figure was almost double that of the global average in a study by the World Health Organisation. Doctors said the UAE results, from five private high schools, showed a worrying trend which could also increase the risk of youngsters trying other drugs.
    2015-10-06 | thenational.ae

    • Study
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  • Self-igniting cigarettes made by a fireworks manufacturer may sound like a perilous idea. But after eight years of tests, Cigamatic, a Marseille company set up by entrepreneur Charli Abisdid, says it has come up with a device that is safe and more effective than previous self-lighting cigarette inventions. “This is a simple solution to solve a common problem,” said Mr Abisdid, [...]
    2015-10-06 | ft.com

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  • Use of electronic cigarettes is on the upswing because they are considered safer and more socially acceptable than regular cigarettes, and because there are fewer restrictions on their purchase and use. A study by University of California, San Diego School of Medicine researchers, suggests aggressive online marketing tactics also make purchasing e-cigarettes easy for all ages.
    2015-10-06 | psychcentral.com

    • E Cigarettes
    • Marketing
  • THERE has been a change in policy relating to the use of e-cigarettes at the iPro Stadium. As of today's championship fixture against Brentford, e-cigarette users will no longer be permitted to smoke within the stands. The club has moved to make the decision following a number of complaints in recent weeks.
    2015-10-06 | derbytelegraph.co.uk

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  • West Yorkshire Trading Standards will be enforcing rules on under-age sales of electronic cigarettes, inhaling devices and refill cartridges and substances. The change in the law is intended to protect children. It will be illegal for retailers to sell e-cigs or e-liquids to someone under 18 and for adults to buy, or try to buy, tobacco products or e-cigs for someone under 18. Adults caught flouting the law could be given a £50 fixed penalty notice or fined up to £2,500.
    2015-10-05 | examiner.co.uk

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