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Bill of Health - Experts examine the impact of legislation and regulation on children’s cancer drugs, mesothelioma and e-cigs

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Gerry Stimson | 29 March 2014 

New estimates double size of US e-cigarette market; increasing importance of refillable and modified devices
The fast moving world of e-cigarettes means that it is hard to track the dynamics of this changing scene. There is a lack of good information on the size of the vaping population, trends in the sales of e-cigarettes, and what devices vapers are using. Academic and survey research on the size and characteristics of the vaping population is still minimal, and a picture of what is happening needs to be pieced together from various sources of information including sales and market data.

NSP | 24 March 2014 

Update - Global Forum on Nicotine, 27-28th June 2014, Warsaw: Conference topics, speakers, and outline programme announced
Shaping the discussions at the Global Forum on Nicotine will be presentations from the world’s leading nicotine scientists, researchers and policy analysts. Conference background: The science and understanding of nicotine is rapidly changing. The arrival of new nicotine delivery systems, along with other lower risk alternatives to smoking, is forcing rapid changes in nicotine science, public understanding, and the regulatory landscape.

NSP | 5 March 2014 

Smoking, e-cigarettes and excessive regulation
Readers of NSP will be well aware that electronic cigarettes are a major disruption for the tobacco industry, governments and regulators, public health and tobacco control organisations, consumers, and the public view of nicotine. Writing in The Times Matt Ridley outlines the risks to individual and public health from excessive regulation that threatens to ‘throttle’ the electronic cigarette industry. Viscount Matt Ridley is one of the few people to have spoken on electronic cigarettes in the UK House of Lords, which we published here.

Lars M. Ramström | 17 February 2014 

Low mortality attributable to tobacco among men in Sweden compared with other European countries: an analysis of WHO data
The ‘WHO Global Report: Mortality Attributable to Tobacco’ has provided estimates of death rates specifically attributable to tobacco. These estimates directly represent the size of each country’s health burden of tobacco, overall and with respect to the different diseases. The current study has extracted data for all European Union Member States and made inter-country comparisons for different age groups and diseases.

  • R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. continued Tuesday its dispute over annual payment obligations to the Master Settlement Agreement by withholding about 24 percent of the $1.77 billion amount due from fiscal 2013. Tobacco companies, including Reynolds, agreed in 1998 to settle lawsuits that 46 state attorneys general brought over smoking-related health-care costs. The companies agreed to pay the states about $206 billion over more than 20 years. [...]
    2014-04-16 | journalnow.com

  • A laboratory study presented early this year reported that the nicotine-laced vapor generated by an electronic cigarette promoted the development of cancer in certain types of human cells much in the same way that tobacco smoke does. Dr. Steven M. Dubinett, a professor at U.C.L.A. who led the study, emphasized in a telephone interview that the study’s findings were preliminary and did not establish a link between e-cigarettes and cancer. [...] 
    2014-04-16 | nytimes.com

  • FORTUNE -- One billion smokers light up around the world each and every day, making the cigarette -- the iconic white stick synonymous with the word "smoking" for more than a century -- the most successful consumer product in history, James Monsees says. So if you can make a significant impact on the business of smoking, he reasons, the implications are massive.
    2014-04-16 | tech.fortune.cnn.com

  • ISTANBUL — Luk Joossens, tobacco control advocacy officer at the European Cancer League, presented the list and a report on tobacco control activities at the event. Countries on the list are assessed for the measures they took against smoking. Professor Elif Dağlı, who conducted the survey on Turkey for the report, said electronic cigarettes will be "the next frontline" in combatting smoking in the following decade.
    2014-04-16 | dailysabah.com

  • New York State Senator Kemp Hannon has introduced legislation that would ban most electronic cigarettes, including both the rechargeable and modular types, while keeping toxic tobacco cigarettes on the market. Senate Bill 6939 would ban the sale of all electronic cigarette liquids. [...] By this definition, it would be illegal to sell not only the e-liquids used in modular electronic cigarettes, but also the refill cartridges used in rechargeable electronic cigarettes.
    2014-04-16 | tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com

  • -cigarette users say they will continue their fight against a ban of the devices in public places, even though their effort Tuesday before the Hancock County Health Board was to no avail. County officials decided in February that e-cigarettes should be considered like any other cigarette or cigar and banned in public places such as restaurants and stores. [...] the board unanimously decided to stand by the legal interpretation that e-cigarettes are smoking devices.
    2014-04-16 | theepochtimes.com

  • Dr Pat Doorley, Chair of the RCPI Tobacco Policy Group, talks about the impact of policy development in controlling the tobacco epedemic, including tobacco taxation, plain packaging and prohibiting smoking in cars in the company of people under the age of 18. 
    2014-04-15 | youtube.com

  • In February 2014, the European Parliament approved a new set of rules regulating electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). These new rules, slated to take effect in 2016, would ban the advertising of e-cigarettes, limit the nicotine concentration in e-cigarettes, require e-cigarettes to be childproof, [...]
    2014-04-12 | youtube.com

  • CNNi talks to Andries Verleur, ceo of V-2 Cigs about e-cigarettes.
    2014-04-11 | youtube.com

  • From San Marcos to Georgetown, electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity. They're also being banned. Tuesday night the Georgetown city council voted to do just that -- a ban in all public places, just as traditional cigarettes are, and more bans could be on the way.
    2014-04-11 | youtube.com

  • Nik Modi, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets tells BNN e-cigarettes are set to impact the likes of Lorillard & Philip Morris' bottom lines.
    2014-04-10 | theglobeandmail.com

  • A barmaid escaped with minor injuries after she was hit by an exploding e-cigarette which had been left plugged into a charger behind the bar of a North Yorkshire pub.
    2014-04-10 | bbc.com

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