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Neil McKeganey | 22 June 2015  Read more

When Public Health Harm Reduction Becomes Public Health Harm Promotion
The recent announcement from health officials in Wales that the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces will be banned has been received with a mix of enthusiasm from some, puzzlement from others, and downright dismay by many -including within the "vaping" community itself.
The argument for such strident action seems to be that e-cigarettes are serving to renormalize smoking. For anybody seeking to promote evidence based public policy that anxiety, and the interventionist public policy that flows from it, must be a matter of enormous concern since one looks in vain for the evidence of renormalisation actually occurring.

Hon Lik | 5 June 2015  Read more

Welcome Address & Closing Remarks: Global Forum on Nicotine
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I’m delighted to welcome you here today at The Global Forum on Nicotine, an event that has become one of the highlights of the year for the people and organisations who are shaping the present and future of nicotine products. It’s wonderful, and still astonishing, to see so many faces at this event – especially when I think back to how the industry used to be. I may be revealing my age here, but when I first started working with nicotine products, I was a lone voice struggling to be heard.

Scott Balin | 3 June 2015  Read more

Reliving History: How the Tobacco Wars Became the Vapor Wars
Many in the e-vaping space may be wondering why they being viewed and treated like 'Big Tobacco' and why many in the tobacco control community find it so convenient to question their products and their motivations at every turn, painting them all with the same broad brush strokes. There are many reasons - some of which may be valid and many others which are not. What follows is a brief historical perspective of the ‘tobacco wars’ and provides some insights as to why many are still fighting those wars even though these are very different times.

  • The e-shisha is a modern take on traditional middle eastern smoking but it contains no nicotine or toxic substances. The product looks like a pen, and is similar to an e-cigerette but it has flavoured water rather than nicotine, which is vaporised by a heating element. Tracy Sweeney has been using the e-shisha for almost three weeks and said it had helped her quit smoking cigarettes.
    2015-07-03 | radionz.co.nz

    • E Shisha
    • Quitting
    • Smoking
  • A new measure designed to produce much-needed tax revenue for the District of Columbia will accomplish the opposite, while seriously harming public health. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the D.C. Council are contemplating the Vapor Product Amendment Act, which would re-classify harm-reduction products commonly known as e-cigarettes or vapor products as "other tobacco products," [...]
    2015-07-03 | m.washingtonexaminer.com

    • Regulation
    • Tax
    • Tobacco
  • The revised EU Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU) will replace existing legislation on regulating the sale and manufacture of tobacco products and for the first time regulate e-cigarettes and herbal products. It will apply from 20 May 2016. The UK has some flexibility in how it might choose to implement the new rules.
    2015-07-03 | gov.uk

    • Regulation
    • Tobacco
  • The Massachusetts Senate is pressing to increase the tax on flavored cigars, flavored smoking tobacco, and flavored “blunt wraps” — sometimes used to smoke marijuana — from 40 percent to 210 percent in an attempt to reduce youth use of products that come in such flavors as white grape and vanilla. If the tax hike were to become law, Massachusetts would have the highest flavored-cigar tax in the country, [...]
    2015-07-02 | bostonglobe.com

    • Smoking
    • Tax
    • Tobacco
  • Jutras-Aswad says that during the study, the team of researchers paid special attention to outside facts that could influence weight gain, both related and unrelated to marijuana use. They ultimately found that weight gain is most affected by long-term use, in addition to gender, the level with which cannabis is used and whether or not the person smokes cigarettes.
    2015-07-02 | medicaldaily.com

    • Marijuana
    • Smoking
    • Study
  • Tobacco products differ in their relative health harms. The need for educating consumers about such harms is growing as different tobacco products enter the marketplace and as the FDA moves to regulate and educate the public about different products. However, little is known about the patterns of the public's knowledge of relative harms.
    2015-07-02 | 7thspace.com

    • Study
    • Tobacco
  • The electronic cigarette (als known as e-cigarette or e-cig) sector is proving to be fruitful – and profitable – ground for startups. Numbers are on the rise across the globe. ECigIntelligence, a sector publication, estimated that in 2014 there are around 1.5million regular vapers in the UK alone, with around one million who vape less regularly [...] This is out of a total smoking population of around 10 million.
    2015-07-02 | forbes.com

    • E Cigarettes
    • Smoking
    • Study
  • State House and Senate members found an easy but uncommon point of agreement last week on a matter of child safety. So much agreement in Raleigh would raise eyebrows if this weren’t such an easy call. Members of the legislature voted unanimously in approval of a bipartisan bill that man-dates child-resistant packaging and warning labels on liquids used with electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, [...]
    2015-07-02 | journalnow.com

    • E Cigarettes
    • Regulation
  • Wales’ health minister says he intends to ban smoking and e-cigarettes from hospital grounds and school grounds. Mark Drakeford told an Assembly committee on Wednesday that the bans would come as regulations off the back of the Public Health Bill, which also intends to ban e-cigarettes from enclosed public and work spaces.
    2015-07-02 | walesonline.co.uk

    • Ban
    • E Cigarettes
    • Regulation
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