Tale of two epidemics

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  • New Study on Asthma and Vaping: Long-term benefits

    "Persisting long term benefits of smoking abstinence and reduction in asthmatic smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes" - is the title of a study conducted by the research group led by Prof Riccardo Polosa at the University of Catania, and recently published in Discovery Medicine.

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  • The Pleasure of E-cigarettes

    Neil McKeganey, Christopher Russell | 28 April 2016

    The publication by the Royal College of Physicians of a report “Nicotine without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction” approbating the use of e-cigarettes as a route out of smoking conventional cigarettes affirms a finding that has been highlighted by researchers for a number of years now. This report is welcome nevertheless as an objective contribution to a debate that has become increasingly personalised and divisive with tobacco control advocates repeatedly advising that e-cigarettes should be regulated as least as tightly as conventional cigarettes.

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  • Carbonyls – friend or foe?

    NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 18 April 2016

    Quite frequently the media try to „enlighten” people using information extracted from various scientific publications about chemicals found in the vapour from e-cigarettes. Some of these chemicals belong to the class of volatile organic compounds which are contained in the carbonyl group. Let me shed some light on this subject.

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  • Propylene glycol classified as toxic? There's no scientific proof for that!

    NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 21 March 2016

    Something really awful is happening now. In October 2015 German Federal Office for Chemicals, a part of Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health submitted a proposal to the European Chemicals Agency for a new toxicological classification of propylene glycol. 

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  • E-cigarette coils from a chemist's point of view

    NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 7 March 2016

    When vapers discuss safety issues, they usually take into account the components of e-liquid and the composition of the aerosol inhaled. Of course this is the most important subject, but we should also be aware of metals of which the coils are made.


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  • Tobacco Industry Funded E-Cigarette Research and the Rise of Academic McCarthyism

    Neil McKeganey, Christopher Russell | 27 February 2016

    In a commentary piece published in the journal Addiction, Professor Jim McCambridge from the University of York sets out why, in his view, academic journals should not publish any e-cigarette research funded by the tobacco industry. The basis for McCambridge’s view is, not as it turns out, evidence of current misconduct on the part of the tobacco industry with regard to the research which it funds on e-cigarette, but evidence of decades old misconduct revealed in analysis of internal tobacco industry documents analysed as part of the Legacy Foundation (now Truth Initiative).

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  • NZ First leader Winston Peters is blaming "fat people" for the hike in tobacco taxes. Parliament sat under urgency to rush through legislation raising tobacco taxes by 10 per cent a year for the next four years, a move voted for by every party except NZ First. Associate Health Minister Sam Lotu-Iiga said it would save lives and prevent young people taking up a deadly smoking habit.
    2016-05-27 | stuff.co.nz

    • Smoking
    • Taxes
  • Marewa Glover share her opinion with Liam Butler on the evidence surrounding e-cigarettes and consumers trying to quit who manage memory loss? [...] Nicotine has been shown to have some beneficial preventative, and I think current, effects on Alzheimers, Parkinson's and some dementia-type disabilities. Some people, for example, with a family history of these, use nicotine gum as a preventative.
    2016-05-27 | scoop.co.nz

    • E Cigarettes
    • Smoking
  • On May 4, the day before the Food and Drug Administration officially classified e-cigarettes as “tobacco products,” California did the same thing. Gov. Jerry Brown signed SBX2 5, which expands the definition of tobacco product under several statutes to include “an electronic device that delivers nicotine or other vaporized liquids to the person inhaling from the device.”
    2016-05-27 | forbes.com

    • E Cigarettes
    • Tobacco
  • Electronic cigarettes can be a safe and effective way to deliver cannabis for medicinal purposes, according to researchers in Switzerland. Scientists at the University of Lausanne created cannabis-laden oils for e-cigarettes and found that vaping the infusions could deliver useful levels of the active ingredients found in cannabis.
    2016-05-27 | theguardian.com

    • Cannabis
    • E Cigarettes
  • THE South African Government is preparing a Draft Bill to introduce plain packaging of tobacco products. The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) welcomes this stand against tobacco use. The purpose of plain packaging is to make tobacco products less attractive by preventing its use for advertising. Graphic warnings will show the harmful effects of smoking.
    2016-05-27 | news24.com

    • Plain Packaging
    • Tobacco
  • Smoking shisha originally arose as a traditional form of smoking particularly in Asian and Middle Eastern communities. It has recently gained popularity in shisha bars in the West - in fact, public health officials have recently given it the status of an epidemic. The practice of smoking shisha involves burning charcoal in order to heat up a special preparation of tobacco (shisha) [...]
    2016-05-27 | news-medical.net

    • Shisha
    • Smoking
  • The blanket ban on the trade in legal highs, which comes into force on Thursday, is expected to lead to the products disappearing from high street “head shops” and UK-based websites virtually overnight, police and trading standards officers have said. But there are fears that the trade in new psychoactive substances (NPS) – as they are officially known – will move underground to illegal street markets [...]
    2016-05-26 | theguardian.com

    • Regulation
    • Smoking
  • We've all heard that smoking causes cancer and second hand smoke leads to multiple health problems, but now doctors are warning patients about the risk of third hand smoke. Dr. Paul Chomiak says that third hand smoke is going to be a major problem in our country and is more dangerous than second hand smoke. Chomiak, [...] urges people to stay away from vehicles or hotel rooms that smell of cigarettes.
    2016-05-26 | weartv.com

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